Proteome Exploration Laboratory Guidelines

Detailed information must be provided on the number of samples to be run, the length of the LC-MS run you require, the sample preparation and especially on how the samples were desalted and cleaned up. Any salt and detergent used must be specifically named. Staff are available to offer advice on how to remove these contaminants.

All samples must be at the proteomic facility, ready for analyses, 24 hours before your scheduled time.

A time will be allocated to you at the next available slot. These times are allocated based on our booking calendar. If a time does not suit, an alternative will be provided, but it will not be at an earlier point than the first slot offered.

To make efficient use of the instrumentation, we book users back-to-back. Occasionally, this leads to overbooking due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g.; sample loading takes longer than calculated because of higher viscosity of the sample; standard does not meet minimum requirements; small blockage of the tip of the needle). Because of this, your time slot together with all the following time slots may have to be moved. You will be informed if this is the case.

No samples will be allocated after 4pm on a Friday until Monday afternoon. This will allow time for the week's samples to be run in the event that something has delayed the week's schedule. This means that the next week's schedule will be able to proceed as booked. In addition, this also allows for the weekly calibration and tuning every Monday morning.

If a weekend slot is not going to be used for catch-up runs, it will be offered to Super users. This is on the understanding that if anything goes wrong the samples will not be immediately rerun, and thus the following week's schedule will be unaffected.

PEL staff will guide you toward an appropriate instrument choice.

General booking requests should not exceed 24 hours. For pre-approved projects, the maximum time that a single booking can be made for is 3.5 days. There will be no more than one such booking per scheduled week and no one can book in for this period of time more than once in any two week period.

I have familiarized myself with the Institute's Safety Policy and agree to abide by it when in the lab.

I have read the Proteomics Step By Step Guide and the Charges Guide

Time allocation and bookings are entirely at the discretion of the Proteomic Facility management.

I have read and accept the above guidelines?