Proteome Exploration Laboratory
Group Members

Dr. Annie Moradian, Scientist / Lab Manager

California Institute of Technology
Beckman Institute
Proteome Exploration Laboratory
1200 E California Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91125 USA

Phone: (001) 626-395-2890
Fax: (001) 626-449-4159

Annie is a mass spectrometrist who likes to apply all the capabilities of a mass spectrometer to answer the biology questions being asked. As a graduate student Annie was trained at Don Douglas.s lab at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Her M.Sc. Work involved investigation of DNA and intact protein cross sections as well as protein H/D exchange measurements. By 2007 when she received her PhD, she had focused her research on instrumentation development for mass spectrometers, including single and triple quadrupoles and linear ion traps. In her previous position as staff scientist at British Columbia Cancer Agency's Genome Sciences Center she managed the proteomics facility and was exposed to variety of research projects through multiple collaborations. She was involved in investigation of the functional mechanisms of proteins and signaling pathways implicated in cancer and other disease progression through mass spectrometry based proteomics research.

In her current role as a scientist and lab manager at Caltech, Annie is excited to manage the proteome exploration laboratory and conduct her own research. Annie is intrigued to help all the research collaborators in their efforts to obtain the best possible results from their mass spectrometry experiments.

Annie enjoys reading, biking and watching mystery and sci-fi series especially Dr. Who with her family.