Proteome Exploration Laboratory
Recent Projects

The PEL is developing and applying mass spectrometry techniques to solve important biological questions across multiple disciplines. Our research is mostly driven by the challenging biological questions that are posed to us. At the same time, there is a strong interplay between the technologies that we develop and the needs of our user community.
For instance, many our our users need utmost sensitivity and dynamic range for their large-scale proteomics projects to be successful. Therefore, we devoted a large proportion of our efforts to increase the sensitivity and dynamic range of proteomics experiments. Systematic evaluation of sample preparation techniques, identification of pitfalls and dedication to communicate these with our user community, optimization of LC and MS conditions as well as bioinformtics tools allowed us to achieve one of the highest identifcation rates reported so far, enabling a number of biological projects of high significance and impact. Check out our most recent publications to see what we have accomplished so far. Or have a glimpse at the overview below: