Proteome Exploration Laboratory

Tools Available For Download

  1. LogViewer A tool for visualizing a variety of QC metrics for LTQ-FT and LT-Orbitrap instruments. Uses the .log files generated by RawXtract (available here). Download installer or example log file (29MB).

    Note: you will need to export .ms2 files as well as .log files from RawXtract for the log files to be generated properly.

    For more detailed information - deception pass 3 and check the following reference:
    Sweredoski MJ, Smith GT, Kalli A, Graham RLJ, Hess, S. LogViewer: A software tool to visualize quality control parameters to optimize proteomics experiments using Orbitrap and LTQ-FT masss spectrometers. Journal of Biomolecular Techniques, 2011, 22(4): 122-126.