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Equipment Reservation

PEL Equipment

Mass spectrometers and sample preparatory equipment can be reserved through the Caltech Outlook Calendar system. The following equipment can be reserved:

  • Eclipse LCMS -- peleclipse@caltech.edu
  • Fusion LCMS -- pelfusion@caltech.edu
  • QE HF LCMS -- pelqehf@caltech.edu
  • Sample Prep Hood -- pelprephood@caltech.edu
  • Sample Desalt HPLC -- peldshplc@caltech.edu

Making a Reservation

To request time on the instrument, simply schedule a meeting using any of the @caltech.edu addresses listed above. One of the PEL group members will review the request and approve, suggest a different time or reject you request. To view a specific instrument calendar, add it through your Outlook calendar application, on the web, or desktop or mobile version.